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Maximum Wire Size : 0.5 mm (24AWG)
Minimum Wire Size : 0.06 mm (#42AWG)
Maximum O.D : 30 mm (1.180")
Minimum O.D : 2.8 mm (0.110")
Minimum I.D : 0.8 mm (0.030")
Maximum Height :10 mm (0.394")
Wire spacing : Programmable with controller
segment winding : Programmable with controller
Progressive Winding : Programmable with controller
Rotator Motor : Hybird stepper motor
Main Motor : Servo motor
Power Requirement : 220 V, 50 - 60 HZ
Winding Speed : Variable to 480TPM
Crated Dimension : 100 X 60 X 116cm 120KG

ATW-1 is proudly presented by lovil Universal. The latest revelation in winding technology and much sort after by the coil winding industry with the birth of the hands free toroidal coil production system, dreams of the coil winding industry have virtualized.

ATW-1 being an impeccable state of the art system is capable of winding the most unimaginable miniature toroidal coils. This latest invention increases the production output coupled with unmatchable quality standards. This technological phenomenon eliminates the need for operators, thus saving thousands of dollars in manpower hours.

Automatic Toroidal Winding Machine has put an end to endless frustrations. Able to wind the even the most complex minature coil application. In style the ATW-1 Toroidal Winding Machine delivers coils with utmost distinctive quality, which is yearned for in the coil winding industry.

ATW-1 with its user-friendly PLC control system and ease of programming makes a university education requirement a thing of the past. With its multi functionality, the ATW-1 displays are featured in both English and Chinese.

Principle and Optional Features:

Direct winding onto cores.
Ability to control winding speed.
Separate turns and rotator control.
Dual language option in English and Chinese, for programming and display.
Display the real-time status in a touch screen HMI.
PLC control system can store up to 1000 single programs. Each program can be edited with 10 different winding steps.
Built in fiber optic turns sensor; double display, adjustable easily, utmost accurate, stability and reliability.
Programmable pitch control for wire spacing.
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automatic toroidal winding machine

automatic toroidal winding machine