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PLC Controlled Toroidal Winding Machine Model SMC-1E

SMC-1E Toroidal Winding Machine
Jovil Universal Zhongshan Ltd is proud to present our Precision Toroidal Winding Machine Model SMC-1E. This new model uses PLC Control System, which is versatile enough to store up to 240 programs. This precision winding machine encompasses a Human Machine Interface Control System which makes it an encumbrances free, production asset. Designed to be multi-tasked, this user-friendly machine is able to display in multiple languages. Demanding least amount of production area, at an affordable price, it has all the functions that come as a standard.

Principle and Optional Features

  1. Separate speed controls for loading and winding
  3. Programmable stepper motor driven core rotation in either direction with
      minimum backlash
  5. Display language can be done in English and Chinese
  7. Display the status in a touch screen HMI
  9. PLC Control System can store up to 100 single programs, 40 multiple programs,
      100 tape programs
  11. Built in fiber optic turns sensor; double display, easy adjustable, utmost
      accurate, stable and reliable
  13. Quick change winding heads, core rotators
  15. Compatible to imported Jovil Winding Heads
  17. Apply 1/2HP 6000RPM DC brushless motor which supplies more torque and
      maintenance free
  19. Automatic core index function
  21. Push button and footswitch controls
  23. Tape head control


Maximum Wire Size: 1.0mm (#18AWG)
Minimum Wire Size: 0.05mm (#44AWG)
Maximum O.D: 101.6mm (4.00")
Minimum O.D: 3.26mm (0.125")
Minimum I.D: 1.00mm (0.040")
Maximum Height: 50.8mm (2.00")
Winding Speed: Variable to 1600TPM
Wire Spacing: Programmable with Controller
Segment Winding: Programmable with Controller
Progressive Winding: Programmable with Controller
Deceleration: Programmable with Controller
Acceleration: Programmable with Controller
Motor: Hybrid Stepper Motor
Power Requirement: 220V, 50/60Hz
Crated Dimension: 94X94X107cm
Crated Weight: 45Kg