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Dedicated Tape and Shielding Machine Model JV225

Dedicated Tape and Shielding Machine Model JV225


Maximum Coil O.D: 10.0" (254.0 mm)
Minimum Coil O.D: 1.5" (38.0 mm)
Minimum Coil I.D: 0.650" (16.50 mm)
Maximum Coil Height: 3.5" (88.9 mm)
Taping Speed: Variable to 200 wraps per min.
Tape Overlap: Automatic Variable
Counter: Dual preset electronic
Core Rotation: Automatic in counter-clockwise direction only
Motor Control: Variable speed footpedal
Motor: 1/2 HP - 1750 RPM-DC
Power Requirement: 110-120 V, 50-60 cycles (220 V optional)
Crated Dimensions: 37" X 37" X 42" (94 x 94 x 107 cm)
Crated Weight: 250 lbs (114 kg)

Principal and Optional Features

  1. Obsoletes need to tie up winding machine when taping (dedicated for taping)
  3. 9" and 14" diameter taping heads fit readily to the JV225 base
  5. 5 minute changeover of heads
  7. Same roller table used for all taping heads
  9. Interchangeable magazines to accommodate standard tape widths
  11. For applying a variety of non-adhesive tapes on toroidal coil applications
  13. Mylar, polyester, paper, varnished silk, fiberglass, cloth, copper shielding, etc.
  15. Simple dual preset counter controls measure of tape supply and number of
      wraps onto core
  17. Automatic cut-off from spool
  19. Dereeler handles up to 12" diameter tape spools
  21. Pitch for tape overlap fully adjustable
  23. Variable speed foot pedal controlled