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Flex Tester

Fatigue Ductility Flex Tester Model 3 FDF

Fatigue Ductility Flex Tester - 3FDF

Determines Ductility and Flexural Fatigue for
- Flexible Printed Wiring
- Copper and Aluminum Foils
- Other Non-ferrous Foils.

Model 3FDF Fatigue Ductility Flex Tester has been developed according to recommendations in the IPC Test Methods manual, 19-23.


Samples are placed in an upright position by six rollers with the mandrels moving vertically between the rollers, subjecting the upper sample surface to tensile strains on the upward stroke. The samples are held in precise position relative to the mandrels by a weight, which also serves to assure conformance of the sample to the mandrel curvature.

This weight, 250g for circuits and 100g for foils, subjects the samples to non-zero mean tensile stresses which are small enough to be insignificant. The mandrels are high accuracy rods having diameters ranging from 0.5 to 50mm.

The tester has a 0 to 1000 cycle per minute and may be operated in either a "continuity" or a go/no-go mode.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. by the makers of the most complete line of toroid winding machines in the world.