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Fully Automatic Toroidal Winding Machine Model ATW-1

Fully Automatic Toroidal Winding Machine Model ATW-1
ATW-1 is proudly presented by Jovil Universal Zhongshan. The latest revelation in winding technology and much sort after by the coil winding industry with the birth of the hands free toroidal coil production system, dreams of the coil winding industry have virtualized.

ATW-1 with its user-friendly PLC control system and ease of programming makes a university education requirement a thing of the past. With its multi functionality, the ATW-1 displays are feature in both English and Chinese.

ATW-1 is a miracle that must be seen to be believed.

    Principal and Optional Features

  • Direct Winding onto Cores
  • Ability to control winding speed
  • Speed turns and rotator control
  • Dual language option in English and Chinese for programming and display
  • Display the real-time status in a touch screen HMI
  • PLC Control system can store upto to 1000 single programs. Each program can
      be edited with 10 different winding steps
  • Built in fiber optic turns sensor; double display, adjustable easily, utmost
      accurate, stability and reliability.
  • Programmable pitch control for wire spacing programmed by the PLC


Maximum Wire Size:0.5mm (#24AWG)
Minimum Wire Size:0.06mm (#42AWG)
Maximum O.D:30mm (1.180")
Minimum O.D:2.8mm (0.110")
Minimum I.D:0.8mm (0.030")
Maximum Height10mm (0.394")
Wire Spacing:Programmable with controller
Segment Winding:Programmable with controller
Progressive Winding:Programmable with controller
Rotator Motor:Hybrid Stepper Motor
Main Motor:Servomotor
Power Requirement:220V 50/60HZ
Winding Speed:Variable to 480TPM
Carted Dimension:1000X600X1160 mm
Crated Weight:120KG