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Vertical Pull Winder Model 2VPW

Vertical Pull Winder Model 2VPW
The 2VPW is the first and only Pull Winder on the market operated by an electric motor. No more noisy pneumatic operations. No more messy oil leaks. The 2VPW offers the most quiet, smooth and clean performance from any pull winder available today.

Automatic core rotation with 4 driven rollers out performs the strength of the normal 2-roller drive systems offered from other suppliers. Winding pitch is fully adjustable using electronic potentiometer setting. The 2VPW is the only pull winder available that offers CW or CCW core rotation direction with just a flip of a switch.

If safety is an issue, no need to worry. The 2VPW uses a fiber optic light curtain that assures that the machine will not function when the operator's hand is removing wire from the hook.

Specification / Capabilities

Maximum wire size: #12 awg (2.10mm)
Minimum wire size: #30 awg (0.25mm)
Bifilar winding: Up to and including #14 awg (1.60mm)
Maximum finished coil OD: 3.000" (76.2mm)
Minimum finished coil OD: 1.000" (25.4mm)
Maximum finished coil HT: 2.000" (50.8mm)
Power stroke length: 24 inch (610mm)
Power requirement: 110-120V

Principal and Optional Features

  1. Electric Motor Operation
  3. Automatic Core Rotation
  5. Winding Pitch Variable
  7. 4 Driven Core Rotation Rollers
  9. CW or CCW Core Rotation Direction
  11. No Pneumatics
  13. Fiber Optic Safety Light Curtain
  15. Multiple Selection of Winding Hooks